If you haven’t guessed already, my name is Remy (yes, it’s my real name lol).  When the sun is out, I’m co-founder and chief creative of the boutique digital design firm The Scheme Team and spend most days architecting and designing apps and websites for our clients. We also sometimes make our own apps and such. At night, i’m likely busting a move at a local bar or club in a city near you! I’m based in Seattle, WA, but I tend to travel a lot so I could be anywhere at anytime.

I’ve personally designed over 70 websites and apps over my career thus far. If you have a project that needs designing, head over to the company portfolio for a reference of work, or hit me up directly for specific examples. If you just want to hang, hit me on Instagram. Slide into the DM if you bold 😏

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The 700 Club is Coming!

Something big, bold, and very needed is almost ready to come to the surface. A popular life theory is that if you put 10,000+ hours into something, you become a master at…

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