The 700 Club is Coming!

Something big, bold, and very needed is almost ready to come to the surface.

A popular life theory is that if you put 10,000+ hours into something, you become a master at that craft. Debatably, i’ve put my 10K hours into this software design sh*t, however, one thing i’ve certainly put at least 15K hours into for sure is partying! lmaooo

I’ve been in love w/ nightlife since I was 13 (maybe earlier). Not only have I been in the scene from a very young age, my upbringing was engulfed in nightlife from the start. My mother met my father when she was hired as the first bartender at his small, but very popular nightclub – The Hollywood Underground, in 80’s era Seattle. Rumor has it that I was conceived after one of the biggest New Years Eve parties that Seattle has ever seen in ’88. Even when I was too young to fully understand what was happening I remember my dad hosting a lot of private event at home and other places for all kinds of people.

Beyond that i’ve always been in the scene, voluntarily or involuntarily, at every angle. Ive had my time as a successful promoter in high school and college, worked back of house as an employee of a club, and even worked with club owners on guest relations and VIP concierge while I was getting my bearing in NYC after college. However, one thing I have over 15 years of experience in doing is being a patron of parties worldwide.

I feel like i’ve seen it all, from glitzy exclusive parties of Hollywood, to back-alley house parties in all kinds of hoods across America and beyond. To college parties to low-key bars and lounges…they all have their unique feel, vibe, and customer base that flocks to them. There’s certain rules that make an event work in each setting and you tend to have to spend a considerable amount of time to learn them.

I’ve always been fascinated with not just being a participant or host of a party, but also the philosophy of a party–why parties exist and why that environment seems to change people…even liberate them. In the face of unspeakable hardship throughout history people seem to always find a way to party no matter what. Parties vary in so many different ways that it truly has a version for everyone. In my opinion, partying is synonymous with human existence. On a global scale we will go without a lot of things if we were forced to–eating meat, driving cars…whatever…but one thing we will always find a way to do is link up and party!

I’m approaching 30 and have thought about the cultural rule that “one must stop partying at 30″…you know, since apparently my body will start to get all weak and I gotta have kids and stuff lol. But honestly, I tried running from the life when that same thing was told to me at 18, 23, and 26, but somehow the universe seems to put it right back in my lap. I have a passion for nightlife that I don’t think is going away anytime soon, so, I decided to do the “adult” thing and find a way to make it a sustainable and innovative business.

With that said, I’m creating an online platform called The 700 Club that will aim to serve as the global source for nightlife information. From happenings in your city on a nightly basis, to industry news, do’s and don’t, and ultimately ratings of venues, promoter groups, and locales. I’m tired of asking random people “what’s the best place to have a drink/go dance/meet girl tonight”…so i’m going to blend my experience in tech, nightlife, and marketing to do something about it.

I’ve been working on this beast behind the scenes for about a year now…it’s almost ready to be released soon 😇😈

Talk soon✌🏽

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